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13788Malcolm StratfordCharcoal burning in the 17th century : a brief history and practical guide1994E/33.18
13789by Alison RoddhamFairs in England 1580-1680

Fairs in England 1580-1680
13790Stuart Peachey and David HopkinsDyeing the clothing of the common people 1580-16602001E/74
13791Denise Taylor17th century wedding customs1997E/71.1
13792Jane HuggettDid they wash in those days? Personal hygiene, cleanliness and washing 14th to 17th centuries2000E/72
13793by Hugh PetrieThe French pox : concepts and cures for syphilis and gonerea in the 16th and 17th century1999E/73
13794David StellBallads and music of the early seventeenth century : 11994E/79.2
13795Robert MorrisClothes of the common woman 1480-15802003E/74
13796Robert MorrisClothes of the common woman 1580-16602000E/74
13797Robert HuggettDances for living history events 1570-16601997E/79.3
13798Robert HuggettDances for living history events 1440-15301999E/79.3
13799Stuart Peachey17th century woollen cloth specifications1991E/33.51
1380Peter J ReynoldsFarming in the iron age1976E/17.1
13800edited by Stuart Peachey20 years of living history in Britain1997M/03
13801Stuart PeacheyMeasures and dates 1580-1660 with their modern equivalents : a quick guide for researchers1997E/71.8
13802edited by Stuart PeacheyTextiles and materials of the common man and woman 1580-16602001E/33.5
13803by Stuart PeacheyBlacksmiths 1580-16601998E/33.32
13804by Rob StuartArable farming 1580-1660 : 11997E/17.37
13805by Rob StuartArable farming 1580-1660 : 21997E/17.37
13806Rob StuartField boundaries and gates 1580-16601998E/17
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