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23621by Stephen C WaiteBuilding conservation in transitioning Cuba2012B/10
23624Robert DemausEnglish Heritage research transactions : non destructive testing1999B/10.0
23625Cobham Mill Preservation TrustPrinciples of a water millB/24.3
23626by J K MajorThe horse engine in the 19th century / The Newcomen Society for the study of Engineering and Technology Transactions, 601989E/34
23628by Cornelius Vanderbilt JrThe living past of America : a pictorial treasury of our historic houses and villages that have been preserved and restored1955B/01.0
23629by Irja SahlbergThe Handicraft Museum at Luostarinmaki : a short guide1965M/08
2363C O SkilbeckTrelleborg / Antiquity, 14 N551940B/21.1
23632by Peter R PrestonCathedral and monastic church roofs: a critical analysis of their heritage values with a view to better conservation management2015B/26
23633by Peter R PrestonCathedral and monastic church roofs: a critical analysis of their heritage values with a view to better conservation management. Appendices2015B/26
23634by Francis D MasonFactors influencing the presence and survival of vernacular cob buildings in the New Forest2014B/05.5
23635by Richard Hayes-HallMinimally invasive tree-ring sequencing for the dating of historic timber structures: a preliminary study2014B/03.31
23636by P H FirebraceTo carry out experiments to investigate the efficacy of vacuum injection as a method of repairing timber damaged by deathwatch beetle2014B/10.2
23637by J WatfordShould the preservation of listed public houses with distinct layouts of rooms have them duly recognised as a national tradition in plan form and be i\\ 2014B/25.1
23638by Austen DorresteynHistoric wood in Dutch heritage buildings. Perspectives, views, opinions and practices among heritage professionals in the Netherlands2015B/05.2
23639Michele BilimoffPromenade dans des jardins disparus. Les plantes au Moyen Age d'apres les Grande Heures d'Anne de Bretagne2001B/08.1
2364by Richard HarrisTimber framed buildings : a catalogue to accompany the touring exhibition "Timber Framed Buildings"1980B/05.2
23640by V G ColemanHow have changes to London's Queen Anne baroque churches influenced their significance and future viability?2014B/26
23641by J R BateFactors affecting likelihood of enforcement action and successful prosecutions by Local Planning Authoriities for offences under the Planning (Listed \\ 2014B/01.6
23643by J N JoubertThe origins and development of the medieval queen post roofs of East Anglia : North Suffolk & South Norfolk2014B/05.61
23644Madeleine HorrocksThe survival rates of leaded lights to interwar houses and an assessment of the impact of their loss2014B/06.3
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