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16588by John Stewart RemingtonScience and the miller1914B/24.1
16589by William R VollerModern flour milling : a handbook for millers and others interested in the grain and flour trades1892B/24.1
16590by E Leigh PearsonOrganization and management in the flour milling industry1925B/24.1
16591by Jon A SassThe versatile millstone : workhorse of many industries1984B/24.5
16592by William HalliwellThe technics of flour milling : a handbook for milllers1904B/24.1
16593by E D SimonThe physical science of flour milling1930B/24.1
16594Leslie SmithFlour milling technology1944B/24.1
16595Jean OrsatelliLes moulins1979B/24.1
16596S G R SmithSonning Mill : a brief history & technical survey1981B/24.3
16597by Andre GaucheronBuckwheat handmills in Brittany1990B/24.1
16598by Eleni Limona-TrebelaWindmills of the Aegean Sea1983B/24.2
16599P S JarvisStability in windmills and the sunk post mill1981-82B/24.2
166by G Bernard HughesLiving crafts1953E/33.0
1660Jane A WightBrick building in England from the middle ages to 15501972B/05.3
16600Andvers JespersenReport on watermills - Proposals for reconditioning Lindved river between Bramstrup and Lindved watermills in Odense County1966B/24.9
16601by R Thurston HopkinsKipling's Sussex1921E/15
16602by Cecile WoodfordSussex ways and byways1969E/15
16603Lillian CandlinMemories of old Sussex1987E/56
16604Lillian CandlinTales of old Sussex1985E/56
16605by David ArscottTales from the parish pump1994E/42
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