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Demolish and be damned! / Period Home, 5 N12 p31984B/10
L AldersonThe conservation of animal genetic resources in Great Britain / The Ark, 13 N5 p1641986E/17.36
Gloucester Old Spot pigs / The Ark, 15 N2 p541988E/17.34
A SimRenovation case history No.69 : hidden treasures / Traditional Homes, Jun p201990B/22
J H HarveyThe first English garden book : Mayster Jon Gardener's treatise and its background / Garden History, 13 N2 p831985B/08.1
Cow-minding / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 19 p41980E/17.32
T Tatton-BrownUse of quarr stone London, East Kent / Medieval Archaeology, 26 p2131980B/05.4
D WildmanHall houses / Period Home, 5 N10 p41984B/22
K WeddSimple addition / Traditional Homes, Jun p391990B/10
W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Mary, Harting / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N5 p1481941B/26
N CroweBank statements / Traditional Homes, Apr p151991B/22
L F CaveThe restoration of Yew Tree Hall / Period Home, 6 N8 p351985B/22
edited by A CurtisRenovation case history no.15 : Queen Anne revival / Traditional Homes, Dec p181985B/10.0
Romancing the home / English Heritage Magazine, N3 p201988B/07.0
N PlumleyChichester / Period Home, 4 N3 p281983E/15
N GoddardThe development of agricultural periodicals and newspapers 1780-1880 / The Agricultural History Review, 31 p1161983E/17.1
R WilesSlate surgery / Traditional Homes, Apr p1171990B/10.4
A FlemingThe Dartmoor Reave project / Current Archaeology, N67 p2341979E/61.4
Sussex field names / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N9 p3331940E/13.3
B F DuckhamInland waterways : some sources for their history / Amateur Historian, 6 N1 p81963E/35.2
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