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22047by William Bryant LoganThe Smithsonian guide to historic America : the deep south1989E/15
22048by Henry WiencekThe Smithsonian guide to historic America : Virginia and the Capital Region1989E/15
22049William Bryant Logan and Susan OchshornThe Smithsonian guide to historic America : the Pacific States1989E/15
22050by Dorothy HartleyMade In England1974E/33
2206by Terence Paul SmithRye House, Hertfordshire, and aspects of early brickwork in England / The Archaeological Journal, 1321975B/22
22062Rex Wailes and John RussellWindmills in Kent / Transactions of the Newcomen Society, XX1X1955B/24.2
22063Anthony D ButlerUpminster mill1968B/24.2
22064McAndrew MartinObjections to planning application Bn-2-95 in respect of Barnham Mill1995B/24.2
22065Shena Fielding et alThe Holmans of Canterbury1992B/24.8
22066The National TrustBembridge windmill : Isle of WightB/24.2
22067Gavin BowieBursledon windmill : a brief historyB/24.2
22068Gavin BowieA guide to Bursledon windmill : how it worksB/24.2
22069Facto BooksKentish windmills1980B/24.2
2207by Cecil A HewettScarf jointing during the later thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and a reappraisal of origin of spurred tenons / The Archaeological Journal, 1341977B/05.2
22070W J Nigh & Sons LtdThe watermill and museum of rural life Calbourne Isle of Wight1971B/24.3
22071by G M DearFrom watermills to waterworks at Christchurch1979B/24.3
22072Willesborough WindmillWillesborough windmillB/24.2
22073Society of Friends of Woodchurch WindmillWoodchurch windmill1983B/24.2
22074by J Roberts and R HallGuide to Stone Cross windmillB/24.2
22075F W GregoryShalford millB/24.3
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