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13415by Roy UnderhillPitman's progress and the housewrights / The Woodwright's Companion1983E/33.20
13416by E W HoldenExcavations at the deserted medieval village of Hangleton. Part I / Sussex Archaeological Collections, CI1963E/65.4
13417by John G Hurst and D Gillian HurstExcavations at the deserted medieval village of Hangleton Part II / Sussex Archaeological Collections, CII1964E/65.4
13418by John PriceRetrieving the larger structure : ideas and case studies in lifting technology / Retrieval (Chapter Five)1992B/03.0
13419by John PriceThe Woolwich Project : the removal of a 17th century stoneware kiln / Retrieval (Chapter Eight)1992B/03.0
13420by John HunterEssex springs and shaws / Essex ' full of profitable thinges'1996E/19.4
13421by J R ArmstrongThe Open Air Museum : idea and reality / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 201973M/06
13422by Pamela SlocombeGreat grandmother's pride / S.P.A.B. News, 13 No. 21992E/72.5
13423Timothy EastonScribed and painted symbols / Vernacular Architecture of the World1997E/71.6
13424Timothy EastonSpiritual middens1995E/71.6
13425J MortimerOf buildings, repairs &c / The Whole Art of Husbandry or The Way of Managing and Improving of Land1708B/10.0
13426Diana ZeunerSaving the past / The Countryman?M/06
13427Jon BowmanA humble handle house / Countryman, 91 : 11986E/33.51
13428by J E Taylor, P A Jerrome & A G AllnuttPetworth water supply / Sussex Industrial History, No. 91979E/32.2
13429Gary FirkinsOn Sussex hills / Country Walking, December1997E/56
13431by Blake TysonConstruction schedules for some 17th century farm buildings in Cumbria / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 151981E/65.5
13432by June SwannShoes concealed in buildings / Costume: The Journal of the Costume Society, No. 301996E/71.6
13433by George MartelliSmallholdings for farm-workers / Country Life, December1949B/23
13434Country LifeLodge Park, Aldsworth, Northamptonshire and Ashdown House, Berkshire / Country Life, September 261963B/22
13436by Derek BarberFarmers on a see-saw / Country Life, March1978E/17.1
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