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24674Edward H PintoTreen : and other wooden bygones1969E/72.0
24675C Anne WilsonEating with the Victorians2004E/72.5
24676HG Richardson and GO SaylesThe governance of mediaeval England : from the Conquest to the Magna Carta1963E/65.4
24677by Peter BrearsFood and cooking in 17th century Britain1985E/72.5
24678Dominique CardonNatural dyes : sources, tradition, technology and science2007E/74
24679Penny LadnierColour in Elizabethan dress, Color names throughout the centuresE/74
24681Peter MossMeals through the ages1958E/72.5
24682by W B LittleScience in the country1930E/17.0
24684W A JacksonThe Victorian druggist and chemist1981E/31.2
24685edited by Patricia Crawford and Laura GowingWomen's worlds in seventeenth-century England2000E/66.0
24686Sarah FreemanMutton and oysters : the Victorians and their food1989E/72.5
24687Illustrated by Cecilia WareEnglish 18th century cookeryE/72.5
24688Bobbie KalmanVictorian Christmas1997E/71.2
24689Violetta ThurstanThe use of vegetable dyes1965E/74
24690Jane AshelfordCare of clothes1997E/74
24691Martin SimsaTraditional folk dress in Moravia and Silesia : iconographic sources until 18502012E/74
24692Martin SimsaTailors' pattern books in the Czech lands in the 16th - 18th centuries2013E/74
24693Nicholas OrmeMedieval schools : from Roman Britain to Renaissance England2006E/25.0
24694Geoffrey SharpeThe artistry in plaster / The Valuer, May1994B/07.3
247M F TilleyHousing the country worker1947B/01.4
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