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Ref - 10081by Warren E RobertsTombstones in Scotland and Indiana / Folk Life, 231984-85E/71.1
Ref - 10081J Geoffrey DentFish spears and eel glaives / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.5
Ref - 10081by Elwyn DaviesHafod and lluest : the summering of cattle and upland settlement in Wales / Folk Life, 231984-85E/17.32
Ref - 10082by Ian WhitakerCore values among the Blasket Islanders / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.5
Ref - 10082by P R NewmanThe flail, the harvest and rural life / Folk Life, 241985-86E/17.7
Ref - 10082by Peter RushtonThe testament of gifts : marriage tokens and disputed contracts in north-east Englnd, 1560-1630 / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.1
Ref - 10082by J SmithThe hireling / Folk Life, 241985-86E/56
Ref - 10082by Patrick MacmonaglePoteen : elixir vitae hibernicae / Folk Life, 241985-86E/72.5
Ref - 10082by J G DelaneyCutting the worm's knot / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.6
Ref - 10082by S Minwell TibbottLiberality and hospitality : food & communication in Wales / Folk Life, 241985-86E/72.5
Ref - 10083by David J EveleighThe English tradition of open-fire roasting / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
Ref - 10083by Vivienne PollockCo. Down herring girls and the herring curing industry / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
Ref - 10083by J B SmithMud-shoes, mud sledges and reduced equipment in southern England / Folk Life, 291990-91E/17.7
Ref - 10083by J Williams-DaviesThe travelling cidermaker / Folk Life, 291990-91E/72.5
Ref - 10083by P NolanDeath is a family affair / Folk Life, 291990-91E/71.1
Ref - 10083by R Moore-ColyerBlacksmiths, farriers and horses in Wales / Folk Life, 291990-91E/17.38
Ref - 10084by Linda BallardIrish lace : tradition or commodity? / Folk Life, 311992-93E/74
Ref - 10084by Roy VickeryNettles : their uses and folklore in the British Isles / Folk Life, 311992-93E/71.0
Ref - 10084by Margaret H KingA partnership of equals : women in Scottish east coast fishing communities / Folk Life, 311992-93E/17.5
Ref - 10084by Brian LoughbroughThe experience of places and people / Folk Life, 311992-93E/26
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