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Ref - 3014Philip RobinsonUrban vernacular housing in Newtownnards, County Down / Folk Life, 171979B/01.3
Ref - 3014by H C CaffreySome craftsmen in the Tame Valley / Folk Life, 171979E/33.4
Ref - 3014Blaise VynerMole trapping in South Wales / Folk Life, 171979E/66.3
Ref - 3014Larch S GarradQuilting and patchwork in the Isle of Man / Folk Life, 171979E/72
Ref - 3015Venetia NewallThrowing the hood at Haxey : a Lincolnshire twelfth-night custom / Folk Life, 181980E/71.2
Ref - 3015Peter HarropMumming in Bampton / Folk Life, 181980E/71.3
Ref - 3015J G DentEgg gathering in Bampton : notes on tackle and technique 1935-39 / Folk Life, 181980E/33.19
Ref - 3015Linda M C BabbBark peeling and tanning in the Forest of Wyre / Folk Life, 181980E/33.61
Ref - 3015Anne E JonesFolk medicine in living memory in Wales / Folk Life, 181980E/73
Ref - 3015H B SharpCollyweston stone slating techniques / Folk Life, 181980B/05.4
Ref - 3015G D R CruickshankBuilding birch brooms at Portobello / Folk Life, 181980E/33.13
Ref - 3015Martyn C BrownMud horse fishing in Bridgewater Bay / Folk Life, 181980E/72.0
Ref - 3016J Geoffrey DentWeights and measures in regional studies / Folk Life, 191981E/71.8
Ref - 3016Jonathan BellSickles, hooks and scythes in Ireland / Folk Life, 191981E/17.7
Ref - 3016by Liam Canny (Liam O Caithnia)The Irish game of hurling / Folk Life, 191981E/72.4
Ref - 3016A C WrightThe lawless courts of Rayleigh and the Rochford Hundred / Folk Life, 191981E/24
Ref - 3016S Minwel TibbottLaundering in the Welsh home / Folk Life, 191981E/72.0
Ref - 3016by Peter C D BrearsHeart gravestones in the Calder Valley / Folk Life, 191981E/71.1
Ref - 3059R R MorganThe 1851 census In Chichester / West Sussex Archives Society News, 101978E/64
Ref - 3059Olive M AskewReminiscences of Cuckfield (written in 1967) / West Sussex Archives Society News, 101978E/56
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