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1536by William CooperSmuggling in Sussex1966E/66.9
15360Victor T C MiddletonNew visions for independent museums in the UK1990M/01
15361Victor T C MiddletonNew visions for independent museums in the UK1990M/01
15362Victor T C MiddletonNew visions for museums in the 21st century1998M/01
15363edited by David Watt and Belinda ColstonConservation of historic buildings and their contents : addressing the conflicts2003B/10.0
15364by Gabriel OliveFarm and cottage furniture in the West Country2002E/33.28
15365Eric SloaneA museum of early American tools2002E/33.01
15366Jane Schofield & Jill SmallcombeCob buildings : a practical guide2004B/05.5
15367by Frederick E ZeunerDating the past : an Introduction to geochronology1950E/61
15368by John BrownWelsh stick chairs : a workshop guide to the Windsor chair1990E/33.28
15369David YeomansThe repair of historic timber structures2003B/10.2
1537by Antony DaleThe history & architecture of Brighton1950E/15
15370by P A L VineLondon's lost route to Midhurst : the Earl of Egremont's navigation1995E/35.2
15371edited by R W HoylePeople, landscape and alternative agriculture : essays for Joan Thirsk2004E/17.1
15372Percy SmithRivington's building construction. Volume 12004B/05.0
15373Percy SmithRivington's building construction. Volume 22004B/05.0
15374Percy SmithRivington's building construction. Volume 32004B/05.0
15375Essex Historic Buildings GroupHistoric buildings in Essex Issue 112003B/20
15376commentary by Elliot M SaywardOf plates and purlins : Grandpa builds a barn1971B/05.2
15377by Roger Lea and Tim BoothNew Hall Mill Sutton Coldfield : a history / an account of the existing machinery ? / Wind and Water Mills - Journal of The Midland Wind and Water Mills Group, 171998B/24.3
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