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Ref - 10739Jacques HeymanWestminster Hall roof / The development of timber as a structural material1999B/05.61
Ref - 1092by W A Eden and R B WraggJohn Carr, stonecutter extraordinary, and the architectural virtuosi / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 241980B/05.4
Ref - 1092by Blake TysonThe Rydal grotto, Westmorland 1668-9 / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 241980B/08.5
Ref - 11061Rosemary BrandauA taste of the past : sipping syllabub, sampling Virginia ham and hominy evoke 18th-century foodways / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, IX : 41987E/72
Ref - 11063Harold B GillDoctoring the diseases of Virginia : champion of the tomato, for 36 years John de Sequera chronicled the health of colonists / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XV : 11993E/73
Ref - 11064Mary Miley TheobaldSampling 18th-century fare at Shields Tavern / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XV : 21992/93E/72
Ref - 11071Michael OlmertTools at an Exhibition. Works of art? Not likely. They are about sweat equity, "have dirt under their fingernails". / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XVII : 21994/5B/05.8
Ref - 11073Edward ChappellJohn Perry and Williamsburg's wallpaper / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XVIII : 21995/6B/07.4
Ref - 11075Edwards ParkThe Wright Way to Make a Wheel: Ron Vinyard and three journeymen employ ancient skills to keep 'em rolling / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XX : 11997E/33.23
Ref - 11077Michael OlmertIcehouse mania : Antiguity's refrigerator imparted "fresh coolness to the royal cup" and graced plantation tables with frozen desserts / Colonial Williamsburg Journal, XXI : 21999B/08.8
Ref - 1108by Edward HiningsThe historic parsh churches of Sussex : All Saints. Old Heathfield / Sussex History, 1 : 21976B/26
Ref - 1108by Elizabeth DoffA study of Heathfield 1880-1910 : the evolution of a Wealden railway town / Sussex History, 1 : 21976E/15
Ref - 11363by Tom LiddenWoodlands of the future / The Valuer, August / September1993E/18
Ref - 11364by Geoffrey SharpeThe cracking of the coade / The Valuer, June1993B/05.4
Ref - 11384by Neil LakeSowley Ironworks, Beaulieu / Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group Journal, No. 51996E/30
Ref - 11384by Richard ReevesTraditional charcoal making in the New Forest / Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group Journal, No. 51996E/33.1
Ref - 11384by Edwin CourseHockley viaduct / Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group Journal, No. 51996E/35.6
Ref - 11385by Fred JohnsonMemories of Twyford waterworks / Southampton University Industrial Archaeology Group Journal, No. 71998E/32.2
Ref - 1142by Ralph WoodThe remarkable cistern at Rye / Sussex Industrial History, 71976E/32.2
Ref - 1142by Wilfred BeswickOld weights and measures / Sussex Industrial History, 71976E/72.2
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