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Ref - 15720Dennis TurnerLocal history in breadth and depth / Surrey History, VII : 12004E/63
Ref - 15720Alan CrockerWilliam Cobbett and his corn-husk paper / Surrey History, VII : 12004E/33.54
Ref - 15721Richard WoodhouseDomestic Buildings Research Group : Chaldon Court
early medieval house / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, December : 389
Ref - 15723Vera Bolter and Douglas NapierHolburn Mill, Holburn, Northumberland, NU 039 357 / Northumbrian Building Studies, 31999B/24.3
Ref - 15726Mark SwenartonRammed earth revival : technological innovation and government policy in Britain, 1905-1925 / Construction History, 192003B/05.5
Ref - 15726Edwin A R TroutConcrete Publications Ltd and its legacy to the concrete industry / Construction History, 192003B/05.7
Ref - 15730James M GaynorThe Mark Rees Memorial Lecture 2004 ; Seventeenth- and eighteenth - century woodworking tools : the evolution of a British style / Tools & Trades, 142005B/05.8
Ref - 15732Laurie SmithEstablishing a geometrical symbol archive / The Mortice and Tenon, Winter : 182004B/03.1
Ref - 15735by J C KirkThe early-modern carpenter and timber framing in the rural Sussex Weald / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/01.3
Ref - 15735Jim WilliamsLime-burning in West Sussex, and the Newbridge Wharf Limekilns, Billingshurst / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/05.7
Ref - 15735Anne and David BoneLavant stone : a Roman and medieval building stone in West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1422004B/05.4
Ref - 15737Margo TeasdaleCob-walling characteristics / Earth Structures : a strategy for sustainable managementB/05.5
Ref - 15737Margo TeasdalePractical conservation issues / Earth Structures : A strategy for sustainable managementB/10.5
Ref - 15738by J B SmithGoats with cattle and hands from graves : towards a fresh look at our insular superstitions / Folk Life, 432005E/71.6
Ref - 15738by J B SmithWhen is a shoe not a shoe? / Folk Life, 432005E/71.7
Ref - 15738by Brian Crowley"His father's son" : James and Patrick Pearse / Folk Life, 432005E/51
Ref - 15738by Brian Lambkin and Jennifer MeeganThe fabric of memory, identity and diaspora : an Irish needlework sampler in Australia with United States and Canadian connections / Folk Life, 432005E/72.0
Ref - 15738by Heather HolmesConstructing identities of the Irish migratory potato workers in Scotland / Folk Life, 432005E/17.1
Ref - 15738by Christine StevensWelsh costume : the survival of tradition or national icon? / Folk Life, 432005E/74
Ref - 1574by J HannahThe general character of Sussex churches / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXX1880B/26
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