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25813by Michael HansonCounting the barns that are left / Country Life, 18 October 19841984B/23.2
25814by David SharpTough treatment: the use of concrete in conservation / Country Life, 19 January 19841984B/10.8
25815PoundsPounds and lock-ups / Daily MailB/25.2
25816by C Henry WarrenThe lost craft of pargeting / Country Life, 19 October 19511951B/10.6
25817almshousesAlmshouses / Country LifeB/25.3
25818poundsPounds; lock-ups; gaols / Country LifeB/25.2
25819dovecotesDovecotes / Country LifeB/23.4
25820by John CornforthNo bequests to the nation? The future of museum collections 2 / Country Life, 28 November 19741974M/02
25821by Edward MacdonnellSouthampton's saxon port / Country Life, 10 July 19801980E/61.7
25822by Giles WorsleyNo mere pastiche: restoration in Oxford / Country Life, 30 July 19871987B/10.0
25823by Nigel TempleRestoration not redevelopment: Farnham preserves the past / Country Life, February 41971B/22
25824by Clive AsletCan a barn be a house? / Country Life, 25 August1988B/23.9
25825by Stella MargetsonSigns of the times: London's old shops / Country Life, 13 November1980B/25.1
25826by John LettsThe plight of provincial museums / Country Life, 4 October1973M/02
25827by Marjorie and C H B QuennellA history of everyday things in England 1851-1942 : IV1941-2E/72.0
25828by Lyndon F CaveThe smaller English house : its history and development1981B/22
25829compiled by Brian DawsonFlint buildings in West Sussex1998B/05.4
25830Alec Clifton-Taylor and A S IresonEnglish stone building1983B/05.4
25831by Richard HarrisTimber framed buildings : a catalogue to accompany the touring exhibition "Timber Framed Buildings"1980B/01.3
25832Alec Clifton-TaylorSix more English towns1981B/01.4
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