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W H GodfreyFragment of wall painting, Alfriston / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N5 p1611931B/07.4
J FidlerCustodial sentences / Traditional Homes, May p941991B/10.0
J FidlerFloor show / Traditional Homes, Apr p1021988B/10.0
R SpurrierThe battle of Trafalgar Square / Period Home, 5 N11 p121984B/01.6
L RichmondThe victory of consumer comfort / SPAB News, 9 N4 p61988B/10
Brickwall Northiam / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N4 p1281928B/22
D H KennettTaxes and bricks : wealthy men and their buildings in early Tudor Norfolk / British Brick Society Information, N32 p51984B/05.3
Sussex windmills / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N7 p5171936B/24.2
S SeagerFresh slates from filkins / Countryman, 90 N3 p1221985B/05.4
O AshmoreInventories as a source of local history. Part 1 : houses / Amateur Historian, 4 N4 p1571959E/55.2
J MannersCountry crafts today / Countryman, 79 N2 p1701974E/33.0
F HarrisonOldland Mill and Museum / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N4 p1271930B/24.2
A stray church brass / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N5 p1511927B/07.1
Sussex field names / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N11 p4031940E/13.3
W A LosAccounts from archives : East Yorkshire / British Brick Society Information, N31 p211983B/05.3
Some Sussex fonts / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N3 p971950B/26
W C AlexanderPainted glass from a window in the church of Thomas A' Beckett, Brightling / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 45 p1801902B/26
B NoddleLivestock of the past / Current Archaeology, N31 p2211972E/61.0
R & J RandallAll is safely gathered in / Traditional Homes, Sep p1221988B/23
J R MortonBirth of the British pig / The Ark, 14 N9 p3121987E/17.34
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