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Ref - 5613by C G PowellCase studies and lost tribes : the Bristol firm of James Diment and Stephens, Bastow & Co. / Journal of the Construction History Group, 11985B/02.1
Ref - 5613by E W CooneyInnovation in the post-war British building industry : a historical view / Journal of the Construction History Group, 11985B/05
Ref - 5614 C G PowellHe that runs against time: life expectancy of building firms in nineteenth century Bristol / Construction History, 21986B/02.3
Ref - 5614by Richard RodgerStructural instability in the Scottish building industry 1820-80 / Construction History, 21986B/02.3
Ref - 5614 David T YeomansEarly carpenters' manuals 1592-1820 / Construction History, 21986B/02.1
Ref - 5614H K HouldsworthChanging practices in labour relations : the Society of Master Carpenters, London 1783-99 / Construction History, 21986B/02.4
Ref - 5614 Christine CoatesSources for construction history in the library of the Trades Union Congress / Construction History, 21986B/02.1
Ref - 5621Gwenyth HodgeTonbridge Free Public Library, 1881-1900 / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/25.3
Ref - 5621P J TesterArchitectural notes on St. Michael's Church, Offham / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/26
Ref - 5621Paul Bennett et alRescue excavations in the Outer Court of St Augustine's Abbey, 1983-84 / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/26
Ref - 5621J B RosseterThe font at the church of St. Clement, Sandwich, and the Hallum-Berney Problem / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/06.8
Ref - 5621Sevenoaks District Architectural History GroupResearches and discoveries in Kent / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/20
Ref - 5621E W ParkinNewington, near Hythe : the threatened village : historic buildings affected by the Channel Tunnel / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/10
Ref - 5621J Philip McAleerThe west front of Rochester cathedral : the interior design / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/26
Ref - 5621T Douglas WhittetKent apothecaries' and barber-surgeons' tokens and their issuers / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986E/66.5
Ref - 5621Nigel YatesThe condition of Kentish churches before Victorian restoration / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/26.1
Ref - 5621Colin Flight and A C HarrisonThe southern defences of medieval Rochester / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIII1986B/27
Ref - 563Rose Fuller WhistlerPenhurst : being some account of its iron works, manor house, church, etc. / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXXVI1888E/15
Ref - 563by Frederick Ernest SawyerSussex markets and fairs / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXXVI1888E/72.2
Ref - 565by J Lewis AndreWest Grinstead church and the recent discoveries in that edifice / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 381892B/26
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