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P LewisSigned & dated / Traditional Homes, Jun p151990B/03.0
S ToulsonA growing crop of museums / Countryman, 82 N3 p1291977M/0
M HammondRailway bricks / British Brick Society Information, N44 p81988B/05.3
R KnightBuilding on tradition / Traditional Homes, Sep p791991B/22
D AspreyOtford study N4: Nos.11 & 13, High Street, Otford / Archaeologia Cantiana, 108 p2651990B/22
Grants for humbler abodes / SPAB News, 11 N4 p101990B/10
G AllanThe awful truth about demolition & the law / Period Home, 3 N6 p31983B/01.6
Legh Manor, Cuckfield / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N9 p5651938B/21.0
D DuckhamRepair of mathematical tiles / SPAB News, 5 N2 p211984B/10.3
A MiillsBurton mill / Sussex Industrial History Newsletter, N341982B/24.2
The forest's little churches / Sussex County Magazine, 23 N1 p3441949B/26
B RobertsThe study of village plans / Local Historian, 9 N5 p2331971B/02.5
Coombes church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 12 N4 p901948B/10.0
Home Farm at Stag Park in 1930's / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 31 p41983E/17.9
J D U WardTact among the trees / Countryman, 53 N3 p4911958E/18
J M CliftonListing history / Traditional Homes, Oct p701991B/01.6
The old stone bridge at Balcombe Mills / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N11 p5071955E/35.8
M D P HammondPitsham brickworks visit / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p441979B/05.3
A SimRenovation case history No56 : Terpersie triumphant / Traditional Homes, May p241989B/22
New Shoreham church / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N5 p3411936B/26
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