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Ref - 9856by Ronald TibbleBrighton in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Part I c1650-1700 / Sussex History, 2 N101985E/66.0
Ref - 9856by Frank KitchenThe towers Twiss didn't build / Sussex History, 2 N101985B/27
Ref - 9859Maisie WrightThe journal of a Cuckfield clocksmith 1793-1834 : Part III / West Sussex History, 271984E/66
Ref - 9859R StandingOn the use of accurate dates to give inaccurate dating / West Sussex History, 27 p371984B/03.0
Ref - 9860Dorothy Howell-ThomasThe building of Bolney church tower / West Sussex History, 281984B/26
Ref - 9860George HarperClimping versus Cudlow : a 14th century legal battle / West Sussex History, 281984E/64
Ref - 9860Ronald TibbleChichester in the 18th century and the political background / West Sussex History, 281984E/66.0
Ref - 9860Annabelle F HughesEvidences for poor relief in Horsham 1545-1642 / West Sussex History, 281984E/27.0
Ref - 9860Andrew Foster and Robert HamlinThe Gerard Young Collection. Part II / West Sussex History, 281984E/64
Ref - 9860Kim C LeslieHighwaymen of North Heath / West Sussex History, May : 281984E/24
Ref - 9860West Sussex HistoryThe Poor Law in Steyning : talk by Joyce Sleight / West Sussex History, 281984E/27.4
Ref - 9862Emlyn ThomasAspects of Chichester life. Part II : leisure and entertainment, 1800-1809 continued / West Sussex History, 301985E/66.0
Ref - 9862Kim C LeslieLocal history through documents. Part VI : churchwardens' accounts (continued) / West Sussex History, 301985E/64
Ref - 9862George HothersallThe Gilbert Poor Law Union, Sutton, West Sussex, 1791-1827. Part II : visitors, guardians, governors and contractors / West Sussex History, 301985E/24
Ref - 9862Annabelle F HughesA 17th-century vicar and his freehold : Revd John Collins, vicar of Horsham, 1611-1642 / West Sussex History, 301985E/17
Ref - 9863Stella MartinA seaside occupation : the dipper / West Sussex History, 311985E/72.1
Ref - 9863George HothersallThe Gilbert Poor Law Union, Sutton, West Sussex, 1791-1827. Part III : the parishes and the union / West Sussex History, 311985E/24
Ref - 9864Kim C LeslieA modern Domesday for West Sussex / West Sussex History, 321985E/64
Ref - 9864George HothersallThe Gilbert Poor Law Union, Sutton, West Sussex, 1791-1827. Part IV : the paupers and the use of pauper labour / West Sussex History, 321985E/27.4
Ref - 9864Alison McCannSussex rural life in photographs : the Garland Project / West Sussex History, 321985E/64
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