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24776The Economic History SocietyEnclosure and the small farmer in the age of the industrial revolution1968E/65.6
24777The Economic History SocietyThe myth of the great depression 1873 - 1891969E/65.6
24778The Economic History SocietyThe decline of serfdom in medieval England1969E/65.4
24780H B Creswell, revised and edited by Norman RoyceJago v Swillerton & Toomer : an essay in building arbitration1984B/01.6
24781Nigel HarveyA history of farm buildings in England and Wales1984B/23
24782Avoncroft Museum of BuildingsAvoncroft Museum : guide1974M/08
24783Anthony FletcherThe Elizabethan village1990E/65.5
24784Skansen Open-air MuseumSkansen Open-Air Museum2012M/08
24785Hugh Barty-KingWater : the book : an illustrated history of water supply and wastewater in the United Kingdom1992E/32.2
24786Charles van RavenswaayThe compleat farmer1975E/17.30
24787Charles van RavenswaayThe compleat farmer1975E/17.30
24788Ed David LoadesThe tudor chronicles: the kings1990E/65.5
24789G & T Consulting LtdFlax and hemp industries south Somerset2006E/33.52
24790Smith FD, Wilcox BLiving in the country / Living in the country1941E/17.0
24798Paul HindleMedieval town plans2002E/15
24799selected by Richard IngramsCobbett's country book : an anthology of William Cobbett's writings on country matters?E/66.3
248E StrakerWealden iron : monograph on former ironworks1931E/30
24800Les ToddGood old golden rule days1979E/25.0
24801Richard OxleySurvey and repair of traditional buildings : a sustainable approach2003B/10
24802Tony HuntThe medieval surgery1992E/31.2
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