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Ref - 24565Catherine McLoughlinBuilt heritage conservation in Ireland : an increasing interest in earthen mortars / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/10.6
Ref - 24565Per StoremyrExperimental archaeology : building a limekiln on western Norway / Building Limes Forum Journal, 242017B/05.7
Ref - 24571Veronica IsaacPresuming too far: Thomas Cromwell's use of textiles in his schemes for social and political success / Costume : the journal of the costume society2011E/74
Ref - 24587John MinnisRailway architecture in Sussex 1967-2017 / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/28
Ref - 24587Paul SnellingSouthdown bus garages and other premises on Sussex / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/28
Ref - 24587Brian Austen, Ted Henbury and John BlackwellManor Royal, Crawley 1948-1980 / Sussex Industrial History, 472017E/16.7
Ref - 24587Robin WilsonCoultershaw since 1967 / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/24.3
Ref - 24587Philip Hicks et alFifty years of mill restoration / Sussex Industrial History, 472017B/24.9
Ref - 24591by Danae TankardLate 16th-century domestic wall painting : an example from Fittleworth, West Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1542016B/07.4
Ref - 24591by Robin Milner-Gulland, John F Potter and Pamela Tudor-CraigWest Chiltington church : structure and wall paintings / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1542016B/26
Ref - 24591Michael ShaplandThe origins and symbolism of the Great Gatehouse at Battle Abbey / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1542016B/26
Ref - 24603Joe ThompsonAnalysing the timbers of May Day Farm Barn / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017B/10
Ref - 24603Claire VidlerTwo new exhibit buildings are growing by the mill ? Newdigate bakehouse / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017B/08.9
Ref - 24603Weald & Downland Museum40 years ago ? the Museum completed work on its latest exhibit - the watermill from Lurgashall, West Sussex / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017M/06
Ref - 24603Weald & Downland MuseumSaving a Land Settlement Association house / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017B/10
Ref - 24603Julian BellTwo new exhibit buildings are growing by the mill ? Eastwick Park dairy / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017B/08.9
Ref - 24603Julian BellHarnessing our collections! / WDOAM Magazine, Autumn2017M/06
Ref - 24617Kiki ClaxtonWeald and Downland Living Museum, West Sussex : the latest additions to the site blend in effortlessly to enhance visitors' knowledge of British rural\\ / Museums Journal, 117 : 112017M/06
Ref - 24636Gerard P MossThe tin tabernacles of Surrey / Surrey History, 162017B/26
Ref - 24642by Janet ClaytonUncovered Scadbury Manor : a moated site in S E London / Kent Archaeological Society News, Winter 2017 : 1762017E/61
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