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Ref - 24655Diana Zeuner50 years ago : 1968 was a busy year / WD Magazine, Spring2018M/06
Ref - 24656David Chalcraft and Joe ThompsonThe cathedral of Middlesex? (Harmondsworth barn) / DBRG News, January2018B/23.2
Ref - 24656Martin HigginsResearch topics : evidence for another medieval smoke louver / DBRG News, January2018B/06.2
Ref - 24656Rosemary HughesdonRodwell Farm / DBRG News, January2018B/01.3
Ref - 24656Ian WestVisit to Church Steps Cottage and Step Cottage, Witley / DBRG News, January2018B/01.3
Ref - 24668by Sue PritchardFood, farming and countryside / RSA Journal, 42017-18E/17.0
Ref - 24671by Michael HeatonHow medieval is a medieval house? : Whitestaunton Manor, Somerset / Ancient Monuments Society Transactions, 622018B/03.2
Ref - 24697Tristram BarehamCaring for our properties : conservation work uncovers historic building techniques / Sussex Past & Present, April : 1442018B/10
Ref - 24698Louise GrayThe Manor, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire / Museums Journal, 118 : 52018M/01
Ref - 24728by Mary AdamsSt Mary's Church High Halden : a rare survival / Kent Archaeological Society News, Summer : 1092018B/26
Ref - 24742Paul BrassleyPig clubs and backyard chickens : the significance of household producers in Britain in the Second World War / Agricultural History Review, 66 : Part I2018E/17.1
Ref - 24742Joshua RhodesSubletting in eighteenth-century England : a new methodology approach / Agricultural History Review, 66 : Part I2018E/19.2
Ref - 24742Malcolm ThickThe sale of produce from non-commercial gardens in late medieval and early modern Egland / Agricultural History Review, 66 : Part I2018E/17.0
Ref - 24743Jacob H ScottPictorial and symbolic graffiti at Rochester Cathedral / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXIX2018B/26
Ref - 24743Howard Austin JonesOld St Alban's Court, Nonington: An architectural survey. / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXIX2018E/61.8
Ref - 24743Marcus HerbertThe painted glass at East Sutton Church and the arms of a Duke of York / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXIX2018B/26
Ref - 24743Gillian DraperEducation, Ashford College and the other late medieval collegiate churches of Kent / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXIX2018B/26
Ref - 24743Charles CoulsonPrior Henry (1285 -1331): Rescuer of Eastry Church / Archaeologia Cantiana, CXXXIX2018B/26
Ref - 24744Alex VincentMill Hill - Shoreham / Sussex Mills Group News, April : 1782018B/24.2
Ref - 24744variousNews from Sussex Mills / Sussex Mills Group News, April : 1782018
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