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Petworth Fair 1734 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 16 p251979E/72.2
B LamingDownland farming at Upwaltham Farm 1927-1939 / West Sussex History, 29 p11984E/17.33
Chichester cathedral spire / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N2 p571955B/26
A SimRenovation case history No.67 : kept alive / Traditional Homes, Apr p211990B/22
W H GodfreySussex church plans : St.John The Baptist, Findon / Sussex Notes and Queries, 5 N3 p841934B/26
D HoppitProperty / Traditional Homes, Apr p141985B/22
Horsham field names / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N12 p6051954E/13.3
W H GodfreySussex church plan (St Leonard Seaford) / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N2 p391950E/64
M PearceThe Local Authority and conservation / Period Home, 4 N3 p31983B/10
J PileA note on two medieval fish-ponds at Bedhampton / Hampshire Field Club Section Newsletters, N13 p141990E/17.5
A PonsonbyShulbrede Priory / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 49 p311906B/26
O PearceyGrants for old buildings / Historic House, 12 N4 p141988B/10
E HiningsRye & Winchelsea churches / Sussex History, 1 N3 p111977B/26
J HarmerThe use of clay at Ashburnham Brickworks / Sussex Industrial Society, 111981B/05.3
Blacksmiths will remain / Sussex County Magazine, 16 N3 p611942E/33.32
G JackmanSeeking the Englishman N24 - Ellisfield, Farleigh Wallop & Dummer / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 5 N3 p481978E/15
L GrahamCroydon's lost canal / Surrey - The County Magazine, 12 N3 p921981E/35.2
Birdham Creek tide mill (in a Countryman's Diary) / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N11 p7241937B/24.2
C Hayfield, T C M BrewsterCowlam deserted village : a case study of post-medieval village desertion / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 22 p211988E/15
R StandingProbate inventories : East Preston and Kingston / West Sussex History, 17 p11980E/55.4
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