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18378by a committee convened by the Royal Institute of British ArchitectsThe architectural use of building materials1946B/05.0
18379by J M Fletcher and P S SpokesThe origin and development of crown-post roofs / Medieval Archaeology, 81964B/05.61
18380Ralph TubbsLiving in cities1942E/16.7
18381M and T FordhamThe English agricultural labourer 1300-19251925E/66.3
18382R B PughHow to write a parish history1954E/63
18383edited by A L MersonThe third book of remembrance of Southampton 1514 -16021952E/64
18384by A C EdwardsThe history of Essex with maps and pictures1958E/15
18385Kenneth James BartonThree groups of medieval jugs and their wider significanceE/33.7
18386John HarveyThe first English garden book : Mayster Jon Gardner's treatise and its background1985E/17.1
184by W H HudsonNature in downland and an old thorn1932E/07.0
18401by John F PotterA review of some early West Sussex churches / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1452007B/26
18402Nat Alcock and Cary CarsonWest Country farms : house-and-estate surveys, 1598-17642007B/29
18404Seamus Hanna and Martin StancliffeSouthwell Minster Chapter House : investigations into causes of deterioration & approach to long-term preservation / Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings, 262001B/10.4
18405Peter MinterTraditional brick-making at Bulmer, Suffolk / ASCHB Transactions, 262001B/05.3
18409Arthur C SmithWindmills in Surrey and Geater London1976B/24.2
18410Jim ClelandPortrait of a windmill : a guide to windmills in Kent and SussexB/24.2
18411Sylvia McKean et alStelling Minnis Mill1977B/24.2
18412by Randal PhillipsHouses for moderate means1959B/22
185by Nathaniel LloydA history of English brickwork1925B/05.3
18506John SchofieldMedieval London houses2003B/22
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