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7227Brick Bulletin1989Summer
7699Brick Bulletin1990Autumn
7616Brick Bulletin1990Summer
15946Brick Bulletin1990Winter
7570Brick Bulletin1990Winter
22700Brick Bulletin1991Autumn
8030Brick Bulletin1991Summer
10031Brick Bulletin1992Autumn
10026Brick Bulletin1993Summer
10027Brick Bulletin1994Autumn
22701Brick Bulletin1994Winter 1993/4
22703Brick Bulletin1995Autumn
10028Brick Bulletin1995Spring
10029Brick Bulletin1996Summer
10030Brick Bulletin1996Winter
11973Brick Bulletin1997Autumn
13001Brick Bulletin2000Winter
13837Brick News1988Winter
13836Brick News1989Spring
20768Brighton and Hove Archaeologist19141
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