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15215The Plumber and Journal of Heating1947LXVI790
15214The Plumber and Journal of Heating1947LXVI791
17021The Rottingdean Preservation Society Report1990/91
17020The Rottingdean Preservation Society Report1993/94
1041The Society of Sussex Downsmen Annual Report1963-64
1042The Society of Sussex Downsmen Annual Report1969-70
1043The Society of Sussex Downsmen Annual Report1970-71
9734The Society of Sussex Downsmen Annual Report1990
9733The Society of Sussex Downsmen Annual Report1993
2506The Southdown Flock Book193544Rams:22472-23064; Ewes:14862-15536
2507The Southdown Flock Book193645Rams: 23065-23620; Ewes: 15537-16237
2508The Southdown Flock Book193746Rams: 23621-24095; Ewes: 16238-17279
2509The Southdown Flock Book193847Rams: 24096-24593; Ewes: 17280-18085
2510The Southdown Flock Book193948Rams:24594-25047; Ewes:18086-19067
2511The Southdown Flock Book194049Rams:25048-25465; Ewes:19068-19580
2512The Southdown Flock Book194650-55Rams: 25466-26587;Ewes: 19581-20919
2514The Southdown Flock Book194857Rams:26817-27000; Ewes:21232-21639
2515The Southdown Flock Book194958Rams:27000-27228; Ewes:21639-21959
2516The Southdown Flock Book195059Rams:27229-27399; Ewes:21960-22524
2517The Southdown Flock Book195160Rams:27400-27591; Ewes:22525-22919
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