ID   Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
14333405Board of Agriculture Journal1904XI8
14334407Board of Agriculture Journal1905XI10
143359570HDRA NEWS1996143
143369569HDRA NEWS1995140
143379568HDRA NEWS1995139
143389567HDRA NEWS1994135
143399563HDRA NEWS1993130
143409566HDRA NEWS1993133
143419565HDRA NEWS1993132
143429564HDRA NEWS1993131
143439562HDRA NEWS1992128
143449561HDRA NEWS1991124
143459560HDRA NEWS1991123
143469559HDRA NEWS19901422
143479558HDRA NEWS19901421
143489557HDRA NEWS1990120
143499556HDRA NEWS19901419
143509555HDRA NEWS1989118
143519554HDRA NEWS1989117
143529552HDRA NEWS1989115
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