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1943915328Georgian Group News2001January
1946515315West Sussex History2004January53
1946615316West Sussex History2004May54
1946715331Association for Living History Bulletin2003XXXIII4
1946915317Hampshire Field Club Newsletter200441 (Spring)
1947015394Agricultural History Review200452Part I
1947215396Folk Life2003 / 200442
1949215402Association for Living History Bulletin200436
1974515294Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society News2004January121
2153318763Current Archaeology1983VIII No.588
2175821600Industrial Past197741 Spring
2175921601Industrial Past197742 Summer
2176021602Industrial Past197961 Spring
2182921603Industrial Past197963 Autumn
2420715968Wind and Water Mills19801
2420815969Wind and Water Mills19812
2420915970Wind and Water Mills19834
2421015971Wind and Water Mills19845
2421115972Wind and Water Mills19856
2421215973Wind and Water Mills19867
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