ID   Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
162381713Sussex Notes and Queries1970176
162391714Sussex Notes and Queries1971177 (last)
162401707Sussex Notes and Queries index197117
1624111127AIM Bulletin198217
1624211128AIM Bulletin198321
1624311129AIM Bulletin198324
1624411130AIM Bulletin198425
1624511131AIM Bulletin198427
1624611132AIM Bulletin198428
1624711133AIM Bulletin198529
1624811134AIM Bulletin198582
1624911135AIM Bulletin198583
1625011136AIM Bulletin198584
1625111137AIM Bulletin198585
1625211138AIM Bulletin198586
1625311139AIM Bulletin198691
1625511141AIM Bulletin198693
1625611142AIM Bulletin198694
1625711143AIM Bulletin198695
1625811144AIM Bulletin198696
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