ID   Accn_Num   TITLE   Year   VOL   NUM 
1619813871Sussex Notes and Queries19531313 and 14
161991915Sussex Notes and Queries19531315 and 16
162001733Sussex Notes and Queries index195513
162011726Sussex Notes and Queries1954XIV3 & 4
162021727Sussex Notes and Queries1955XIV5 & 6
162031728Sussex Notes and Queries1955147 and 8
162041729Sussex Notes and Queries1956XIV9 & 10
162051730Sussex Notes and Queries1956XIV11 & 12
162061731Sussex Notes and Queries1957XIV13 & 14
16207419Sussex Life196514
162081732Sussex Notes and Queries1957XIV15 and 16
162091725Sussex Notes and Queries index1958XIV
162101685Sussex Notes and Queries1958XV1
162111686Sussex Notes and Queries1958XV2
162121687Sussex Notes and Queries1959XV : 33
162131688Sussex Notes and Queries1959XV4
162141689Sussex Notes and Queries1960XV5
162151690Sussex Notes and Queries1960XV6
162161691Sussex Notes and Queries1961157
162171692Sussex Notes and Queries1961XV8
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