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34330Ref - 22803Cozette Griffin-KremerLily-of-the-Valley custom and festival in France / Folk Life, 53 : 12014E/71.2
34331Ref - 23356Robert Young WalserDreg songs lost 2015E/71.5
34332Ref - 23356Anthony ReaThe Italian contribution to Manchester / Folk Life, 53 : 12015E/16.7
34333Ref - 23356Michael FreemanPerceptions of Welshness : tourists' impressions of material and traditional culture of wales, 1770-1840 / Folk Life, 53 : 12015E/71.0
3433423357Richard S Taylor Drawing traditional buidings1991B/01.0Taylor
3433523358Norman E HickinThe conservation of building timbers : a study of the incidence of wood-boring insects and wood-rotting fungi in buildings and other contributions tow\\ 1967B/09Hickin
3433623359Peter E Smeallie and Peter H SmithNew construction for older buildings : a design sourcebook for architects and preservationists1990B/10Smeall
3433723360Giorgio TorracaPorous building materials : material science for architectural conservation1988B/09Torrac
3433823361Ernest BurdenIllustrated dictionary of architectural preservation2003B/00.1Burden
34339Ref - 22990John E RuddyConservation compendium: Part 3: Historic wrought iron, cast iron and mild steel / Structural Engineer, 93 : 2 February2015B/04.9
3434023362edited by Jane FawcettThe future of the past : attitudes to conservation 1174-19741976B/09Fawcet
3434123363Poul Beckmann and Robert BowlesStructural aspects of building conservation2004B/09Beckma
34343Ref - 22990Ed MortonConservation compendium: Part 4: Assessment and replacement of stone / Structural Engineer, 93 : 3 March2015B/04.4
3434423364M W ThompsonRuins : their preservation and display1981B/09Thomps
34345Ref - 22990Clive RichardsonConservation compendium: Part 5 : Inspection and repair of cantilever stone staircases / Structural Engineer, 93 : 4 April2015B/06.5
3434623365R D Pickard Conservation in the built environment1996B/09Pickar
3434723366edited by Susan MacdonaldPreserving post-war heritage : the care and conservation of mid-twentieth century architecture2001B/09MacDon
3434823367David Watt and Peter SwallowSurveying historic buildings1996B/03.0Watt,
3434923368Derek LathamCreative re-use of buildings. Volume 1 : principles and practice : 12000B/01.0Latham
3435023369Derek LathamCreative re-use of buildings. Volume 2 : building types: selected example : 22000B/01.0Latham
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