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3427123313Richard OxleySurvey and repair of traditional buildings : a sustainable approach2003B/10Oxley,
3427223314Brian RidoutTimber decay in buildings : the conservation approach to treatment2000B/10.2Ridout
3427323315James StrikeArchitecture in conservation: managing development at historic sites1994B/09Strike
3427423316Giorgio TorracaPorous building materials. Materials science for architectural conservation1988B/04Torrac
3427523317G A ScottDeterioration and preservation of timber in building1968B/09Scott,
3427823318Nathaniel LloydA history of the English house from primitive times to the Victorian period1951B/22Lloyd,
3427918608Edward WilsonThe debate of the carpenter's tools / The Review of English Studies, New Series Volume XXXVIII No 1521987B/05.8Wilson
3428023319John EarlBuilding conservation philosophy2003B/09Earl,
3428123320Knut Einar Larsen & Nils MarsteinConservation of historic timber structures : an ecological approach2000B/09Larsen
3428223321edited by D F Stenning and D D AndrewsRegional variation in timber-frame building in England and Wales down to 1550 : the proceedings of the 1994 Cressing Conference1998B/05.1Stenni
3428323322James StrikeArchitecture in conservation: managing development at historic sites1994B/09Strike
3428523323Patrick RobsonStructural appraisal of traditional buildings1991B/10Robson
3428623324Barry A RichardsonRemedial treatment of buildings1980B/10Richar
3428723325Martin E Weaver with F G MateroConserving buildings : guide to techniques and materials : revised edition1997B/10Weaver
3428823328James Marston FitchHistoric preservation : curatorial management of the built world1990B/09Fitch,
3428923329edited by Robin G M WebsterStone cleaning and the nature, soiling and decay mechanisms of stone1992B/04.4Webste
3429023330James StrikeConstruction into design : the influence of new methods on architectural design 1690-19901991B/01.4Strike
34292Ref - 23331Rupert Austin et alFrom Romanesque arches to timber-framed halls / Canterbury's Archaeology, 2013-20142015B/01
34293Ref - 23331Enid AllisonConcealed spaces and hidden fauna / Canterbury's Archaeology, 2013-10142015E/71.6
34294Ref - 23331Creepers, crests and five-toed chickens / Canterbury's Archaeology, 2013-20142015E/17.35
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