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24837456R E Crowther, J EvansForestry Commission leaflet 83 : coppice1984E/33.10Crowth
24846458edited by Dan CruickshankRenovation : brick and stone1988B/10.3Cruick
2485124Leslie CrumpCharming SussexE/15Sussex
24866910Abbott Lowell CummingsArchitecture in early New England1974B/20Cummin
24875692Abbott Lowell CummingsThe framed houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-17251979B/05.2Cummin
2488335A L CummingsThe framed houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-17251979B/05.2Cummin
24894184Barry CunliffeCradle of England : an introduction through archaeology to the early history and a brief guide to selected sites in the South1972E/61.0Cunlif
24914040B CunliffeDanebury : anatomy of an iron age hillfort1983E/61.5Cunlif
24923953Barry Cunliffe et alFishbourne : the Roman Palace and its history1970E/61.6Cunlif
2493280P CunningtonHow old is your house?1980B/03.0Cunnin
24946983P CunningtonCare for old houses1984B/10.0Cunnin
24953815P Cunnington, C Lucas, A MansfieldOccupational costume in England1967E/74Cunnin
24965537James Stevens CurlEnglish architecture : an illustrated glossary1986B/00.1Curl,
24971487C E CurtisElementary forestry1905E/18Curtis
24981526E C CurwenPrehistoric Sussex1929E/61.0Curwen
24993088E C CurwenBibliographical index to archaeological matter relating to Sussex1936E/01Curwen
25001539E C CurwenThe archaeology of Sussex1954E/61.0Curwen
2501289E Cecil CurwenThe archaeology of Sussex1954E/61.0Curwen
25021538E Cecil CurwenThe archaeology of Sussex1937E/61.0Curwen
25035309E C CurwenPlough & pasture1946E/17.1Curwen
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