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3355722910Naomi Mitchison and G W Lennox PatersonA fishing village on the Clyde1960E/17.5Mitchi
3355822911W B McKayBrickwork1945B/05.3McKay,
3356022912Andrew PikeGazetteer of Buckinghamshire brickyardsB/00.4Pike,
3356112183Hugh JohnsonBranches throughout the world / Garden Magazine - The Making of the English Garden Part IIIB/08.1Johnso
3356310876Milan Kiripolsky et alOpen air museums in Slovakia1994M/0Slovak
3356415418J Stika et alValasske muzeum v prirode - Roznov pod Radhostem1985M/08Czech/
3356612185John BrookesA natural romance / Garden Magazine - The Making of the English Garden Part V1B/08.1Brooke
3356712184Penelope HobhouseThe quest for colour / Garden Magazine - The Making of the English Garden Part IVB/08.1Hobhou
3356812021Richard Muir et alThe making of the English garden / Garden MagazineB/08.1Garden
3356922914The Friends of Terra Cotta PressThe roofs of Alfred : a clay tradition in Alfred, New York1993B/05.61Alfred
3357022915W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and W A BrayLoadbearing brickwork crosswall construction1983B/05.3Curtin
3357122916W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and W A BrayDesigning in reinforced brrickwork1983B/05.3Curtin
3357222917W G Curtin, G Shaw, J K Beck and J HowardDesign in post-tensioned brickwork1989B/05.3Curtin
3357322918prepared by J MortonThe design of laterally loaded walls1985B/05.3Morton
3357922924Langley London LimitedNotes on slating and tiling1961B/05.62Langle
33580Ref - 6851Norman HiddenJethro Tull I, II, and III / The Agricultural History Review, 37 Part I1989E/51
33581Ref - 14666R MartinThe Old Forge, Wadhurst / Sussex Industrial History, 191989B/24
33582Ref - 12511Paul Vonberg and Mark HammondRepairs to the saloon roof at the Reform Club, London / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 6 : 22000B/10.9
3358522927Linda OsbandVictorian house style : an architectural and interior design source book1993B/06.0Osband
3358622928Harbison-WalkerModern refractory practice : with special reference to the products of Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaB/04.3Harbis
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