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32611Ref - 14632Gwyn I Meirion-JonesThe roof-carpentry of Brittany - I construction excluding cruck forms / Vernacular Architecture, 91978B/05.2
32612Ref - 14632Ruth MorganTwo tree-ring-dated cruck buildings / Vernacular Architecture, 91978B/05.2
32613Ref - 14632Elizabeth MollisonFarmhouses and cottages in Quercy - 2 Their plans and interiors / Vernacular Architecture, 91978B/23.1
32621Ref - 18630Jeremy Lake and Bob EdwardsBuildings and place : farmsteads and the mapping of change / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/03.1
32626Ref - 22402David ClarkThe medieval peasant house - towards a new paradigm? / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/01.3
32627Ref - 22402Richard SuggettPeasant houses and identity in medieval Wales / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/01.3
32628Ref - 22402Christopher DyerLiving in peasant houses in late medieval England / Vernacular Architecture, 442013E/72
32629Ref - 22402Nat AlcockA fourteenth-century illustration of a cruck / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/05.2
32630Ref - 22402John R L ThorpThe wagon roofs at St James's Priory, Bristol / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/05.61
32631Ref - 22402Rod Wild and Andy MoirKey dating features for timber-framed dwellings in Surrey / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/03
32632Ref - 22402Avis LloydThe Wiltshire Dendrochonology Project 2009-2011 : summary of results / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/03
32633Ref - 22402Nat Alcock and Dan MilesThe earliest tree-ring dated base-cruck house: 21 High Street, Alcester, Warwickshire / Vernacular Architecture, 442013B/03
32634Ref - 18630N W AlcockThe origin of crucks : innocence or naivete? A response / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/05.2
32635Ref - 18630Judith AlfreyThe language of its builders : stone in the vernacular of rural Wales during the nineteenth century / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/05.4
32636Ref - 18630Adam LongcroftMedieval clay-walled houses : a case study from Norfolk / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/05.5
32637Ref - 18630Mark McDermottThe Somerset Dendrochronology Project : summary of results / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/03.31
32638Ref - 18630Dan MilesRefinements in the interpretation of tree-ring dates for oak building timbers in England and Wales / Vernacular Architecture, 372006B/03.33
3263922403Gwen Jones and John BellOasthouses in Sussex and Kent : their history and development1992B/23.5Jones,
3264022404P F BrandonMedieval clearances in the East Sussex Weald / Transactions and Papers: Institute of British Geographers, No.481969E/18Brando
3264222406Elizabeth Gawne and Jenny SandersEarly Dartmoor farmhouses : longhouses in Widecombe1998B/23.1Gawne,
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