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3204221827Odhams Press LtdEnglish villages in pictures1951E/15Englan
3204321828Richard JefferiesThe gamekeeper at home; The amateur poacher1948E/17.5Jeffer
3204521830B J Coppins, F Rose, and R M TittensorLichens from a 16th century Sussex cottage (Poplar Cottage) / Lichenologist, 17 (3): 297-3141985E/07.2
32046Ref - 21829John BlackwellSignal box survey : summer 2013 / Sussex Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter, October : 1602013E/35.6
32049Ref - 21831Ron MartinFormer printing works in St. John's Street, Chichester / Sussex Industrial History, 432013E/37.0
32050Ref - 21831Bob BonnettArgos Hill post mill : past, present and future / Sussex Industrial History, 432013B/24.2
32051Ref - 21831Bob BonnettArgos Hill windmill : evaluation of the cross-trees by Resistograph Technology / Sussex Industrial History, 432013B/24.2
32052Ref - 21831Bob BonnettOffham smock mill, Hamsey / Sussex Industrial History, 432013
32054Ref - 21831M J LeppardThe turnpike through East Grinstead / Sussex Industrial History, 432013E/35.1
32055Ref - 21831Brian AustenEast Sussex turnpikes of the High Weald / Sussex Industrial History, 432013E/35.1
3205621832Peter PughThe history of Blue Circle1988B/04.6Pugh,
3205821834Alec Clifton-Taylor and A S IresonEnglish stone building1983B/04.4Clifto
3206021835Dorothy HartleyThe land of England : English country customs through the ages1979E/71.0Hartle
3206221836Roy Strong et alThe destruction of the country house 1875-19751974B/22Strong
3206421837Stanley C Ramsey and J D M HarveySmall Georgian houses and their details 1750-18201972B/22Ramsey
32067Ref - 21838Trevor JamesDeadboards : an historic churchyard phenomenon / Local History Magazine, 1432013B/26
32068Ref - 21838Danae TankardTindalls Cottage project / Local History Magazine, 1432013M/06
32069Ref - 21838Dianne PayneA village of artists / Local History Magazine, 1432013E/76
32070Ref - 21838Carole DorranBourton mill / Local History Magazine, 1432013B/24.3
3207121839Danae TankardTindalls Cottage / Local History Magazine, 143 Mar/April2013B/09Tankar
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