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31809Ref - 9460H P R FinbergAn early reference to the Welsh cattle trade / The Agricultural History Review, II1954E/17.32
31810Ref - 9466L F SalzmanSome notes on shepherds' staves / The Agricultural History Review, V Part II1957E/17.7
31811Ref - 9459M W BeresfordThe poll tax and census of sheep, 1549 / The Agricultural History Review, I1953E/24
31812Ref - 9459W E MinchintonAgricultural returns and the Government during the Napoleonic Wars / The Agricultural History Review, I1953E/17.1
31813Ref - 9459James Scott WatsonSome traditional farming beliefs in the light of modern science / The Agricultural History Review, I1953E/17.0
31815Ref - 9470Reginald LennardStatistics of sheep in medieval England : a question of interpretation / The Agricultural History Review, VII : Part II1959E/17.33
31816Ref - 9470Dennis R MillsEnclosure in Kesteven / The Agricultural History Review, VII : Part II1959E/17.1
31817Ref - 9470H G HuntAgricultural rent in South-East England, 1788-1825 / The Agricultural History Review, VII : Part II1959E/17.1
3181812182Richard MabeyMagic, medicine and broth / Garden Magazine - The Making of the English Garden Part IIE/17.46Mabey,
3182121699A C DavisPortland cement1934B/04.6Davis,
3182321700Nathaniel LloydA history of English brickwork1934B/04.3Lloyd,
3182421701R H MacintoshThe no-fines storyB/04.9Macint
3182521702Alfred B SearleModern tilemaking1930B/04.73Searle
3182621703Edward S MorseOn the older forms of terra-cotta roofing tiles1964B/04.73Morse,
3182721704Norman MursellThe forgotten skills : country crafts remembered1985E/33.0Mursel
3182821705M Pleydell-BouverieDaily Mail book of post-war homes based on the ideas and opinions of the women of Britain1944B/22Pleyde
318298579Alec Clifton-TaylorThe pattern of English building1962B/04.0Clifto
3183021706Alfred B SearleSand and gravel : their occurrence and uses1932E/36.6Searle
3183221707Frank Bennett and Alfred PinionRoof slating and tiling1948B/04.7Bennet
3183321708Charles DobsonThe history of the concrete roofing tile : its origin and development in Germany1959B/04.73Dobson
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