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3196821779Valerie PorterEnglish villagers : life in the countryside2004E/72.0Porter
3196921780Mark GirouardRobert Smythson & the Elizabethan country house1985B/22Giroua
3197021781Mark GirouardThe return to Camelot : chivalry and the English gentleman1981E/66.0Giroua
3197221782Peter and Jean HansellA dovecote heritage : a companion to 'Doves and Dovecotes'1992B/23.4Hansel
3197321783John ReynoldsWindmills & watermills1970B/24.1Reynol
3197421784Victor ChinneryOak furniture : the British tradition : a history of early furniture in the British Isles and New England1979E/33.28Chinne
3197521785Richard ReidThe Georgian house and its details1989B/22Reid,
3197621786Mike WilliamsTextile mills of south west England2013B/24.73Willia
3197721787Peter YoungOak2013E/18Young,
3197821788Ben LawThe woodland house2005B/05.2Law, B
31981Ref - 21789Hugh VauxKent Gardens Trust's volunteers : investigating the gardens at Sevenoaks / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 982013B/08.1
31982Ref - 21789Kent Archaeological SocietyAn evaluation at the site of Rosherville Gardens, Northfleet / Kent Archaeological Society Newsletter, Autumn : 982013B/08.1
3198321790edited by Lutz Volmer and W Haio ZimmermannGlossary of prehistoric and historic timber buildings : French, English, Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish and Czech studies in landsc\\ 2012B/00.1Volmer
31984Ref - 622R T MasonFour single-bay halls / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 961958B/22
3198521791Gillian DarleyThe National Trust book of the farm1981B/23Darley
31986Ref - 622W D PeckhamChichester cathedral in 1562 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 961958B/26
3198721792Marjorie FilbeeDictionary of country furniture1977E/33.28Filbee
31988Ref - 622R F HunnisettSussex coroners in the middle ages. Part II / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 961958E/24
31989Ref - 622G H KenyonPetworth town and trades, 1610-1760 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 961958E/15
31990Ref - 622Gordon BathoNotes and documents on Petworth House, 1574-1632 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 961958B/22
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