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23045232A Clifton-TaylorBuildings of delight1986B/22Clifto
23055571A Clifton-TaylorBuildings of delight1986B/20Clifto
23063221A Clifton-Taylor, A S IresonEnglish stone building1983B/04.4Clifto
23082842Maurice Exwood et alMathematical tiles : notes of Ewell Symposium 14 November 19811982B/04.3Exwood
23102460Maurice Exwood et alMathematical tiles : notes of Ewell symposium 14 November 19811982B/04.3Exwood
23132149Robert T CloughThe lead smelting mills of the Yorkshire Dales and northern Pennines1980B/24.1Yorksh
231413866Clymping PCCClymping church SussexB/26Clympi
23154370CoatesGuide-book to Alnwick castleB/27Coates
23164404CoatesBamburgh Castle : official guide-book1974B/27Coates
23184779Coates PCCSt. Agatha's church, CoatesB/26Coates
232015558Coates PCCThe parish church of Coates or CotesB/26Coates
23217666R CoatesThe place-names of Hampshire1989E/13Coates
23224376Gerald CobbLondon City churches : a brief guide1971B/26London
232318Ruth CobbA Sussex highway1946E/15Sussex
2324218William CobbettCottage economy1821E/66.3Cobbet
23255727William Cobbett, edited by George WoodcockRural rides1985E/66.3Cobbet
23264228Cobham Ironmongery CoHeatingWCPCobham
23271200Jeanetta CochraneCostume colour and cut1955E/74Cochra
23283806T Cocke, D Findlay, R Halsey, E WilliamsonRecording a church : an illustrated glossary1982B/26Cocke
23292923Thomas Cocke et alRecording a church : an illustrated glossary1982B/26Cocke,
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