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31703Ref - 15718David ParsonsSt. Mary's, Petworth, before Barry / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1212005B/26
31705Ref - 15753The Petworth SocietyA Garland "character" : "Old Shep" / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1222005E/17.33
3170613145Big Pit Mining MuseumBig Pit Mining Museum Blaenavon, South Wales?M/08Wales/
31707Ref - 15753The Petworth SocietyGeorge Garland and the Boxgrove Tipteers / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1222005E/79
31708Ref - 15902Jeremy GodwinOld roads through Petworth Park (cont.) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1232006E/35.1
3170921682Nederlands Openluchtmuseum ArnhemNederlands Openluchtmuseum guide2008M/08Hollan
31710Ref - 15753Jeremy GodwinOld roads through Petworth Park / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1222005E/35.1
31711Ref - 16248Charles Kelly et alPetworth water supply : an exchange of letters (1874-5) / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1252006E/32.2
31712Ref - 17713Miles CostelloThe Red Lion Yard / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1262006E/66.2
31713Ref - 17713Miles CostelloA brief note on proposals to build a school at Bedham / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1262006B/25.3
3171421684Ulster Folk and Transport MuseumUlster Folk and Transport Museum souvenir guide1991M/08Wales
31715Ref - 17713Petworth Society MagazineUpper Diddlesfold once more : Ray Baker was talking to Mike Oakland and the editor / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1262006E/56
31716Ref - 17713Petworth Society Magazine"Always in Work" : Ern. Andrews was talking to the editor / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1262006E/56
317178095Swiss Open-Air Museum BallenbergGuide to the Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg1987M/08Switze
31718Ref - 17714Bob JohnsonMemories in and around Petworth / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1272007E/56
31719Ref - 20205Mary NewmanWashday at Upperton in the thirties / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 1282007E/72.0
31720Ref - 18245Dorothy Takman"I Always do it. Don't You Trust me?" at the Northchapel Stores in the 1950s / The Petworth Society Magazine, 1292007E/22
31723Ref - 21689Mike KingmanA mid-eighteenth-century brick clay mill? / British Brick Society Information Sheet, June : 1242013B/04.3
31724Ref - 21689Alan CoxLove story : a brickmaking family / British Brick Society Information, June : 1242013B/04.3
31726Ref - 21690Heather FalveyMarking the boundaries : William Jordan's 1633 pre-enclosure survey of Duffield Frith (Derbyshire) / The Agricultural Review, 61 Part I2013E/18
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