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3144621575George LongThe folklore calendar1930E/71.2Long,
3144721479F G BrabantSussex1920E/15Sussex
3144921577Ben DarbyThe South Downs1976E/07.0Darby,
3145021578Gaius Carley, edited by Francis W SteerThe memoirs of Gaius Carley : a Sussex blacksmith1964E/56Carley
3145121579edited by G E MingayThe Victorian countryside Vols 1 & 21981E/66.3Mingay
3145221581R W HoweGood country days1946E/56Howe,
3145321582Trudy WestThe timber-frame house in England1971B/22West,
3145421583A G Tansley revised by M C F ProctorBritain's green mantle1968E/18Tansle
3145521584Stanley A RichardsonProtecting buildings how to combat dry rot, woodworm and damp1978B/09Richar
3145621586Sydney R JonesEnglish village homes and country buildings1947B/20Jones,
3145721587British Goat SocietyGoatkeeping1976E/17.33Goat
3145821588Freda YorkeDairy work for goatkeepers1973E/17.33Goat
3145921589edited by M H MarsdenGoat keeping : a booklet for beginners1981E/17.33Goat
3146121590E V LucasWest Sussex highways and byways1937E/15Sussex
3146221591Thos. J HandGuenon on milch cows : a treatise upon the bovine species in general1911E/17.32Hand,
3146321592C A GriggMemories of Steyning1967E/15Sussex
3146521593A Dudley ClarkeModern farm buildings : their construction and arrangement1895B/23Clarke
31467Ref - 21594Sussex Mills GroupJack windmill : a temporary cap. Part 2 / Sussex Mills Group Newsletter, April : 1582013B/24.2
3147021597Poultry WorldPractical poultry keepingE/17.35Poultr
3147121598William DaviesThe grass crop : its development, use and maintenance1954E/17.37Davies
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