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3013920676Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodFodder root crops : 5911977(revised)E/17.37
3014020677R H Armstrong, C H Banks and M P GillA guide to electric fencing : relating to principles, installation and safety1981E/17.7
3014120678ADASManagement of lowland ewes from mating to lambing1983E/17.33ADAS
3014220679ADASReducing lamb mortality1983E/17.33ADAS
3014320680ADASNutrition chemistry : mineral deficiencies in sheep1982E/17.33ADAS
3014420681Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodCatch crops for lamb finishing1974E/17.33Minist
3014520682ADASA simple disposal pit for foetal material and small carcases1980E/17.30ADAS
3014620683ADASSilage feeding of in-lamb ewes1982E/17.33ADAS
3014720684ADASBreeding lambs for the market : choosing a terminal sire breed1982E/17.33ADAS
3014820685ADASIn-wintering the lowland flock1981E/17.33ADAS
3014920686ADASA system for lowland sheep1982E/17.33ADAS
3015020687ADASLivestock units handbook1980E/17.30ADAS
3015120688Cooper Agricultural Division, The Wellcome Foundation LtdFoot rot in sheep and its control by vaccination1974E/17.33Cooper
3015220689ADASLamb survival1983E/17.33ADAS
3015920691Derek Hall and Richard BarberColonel Richard Norton's Regiment of Horse1989E/65.5
3016020692John Owen SmithOn the trail of Flora Thompson : beyond Candleford Green1997E/51Thomps
3016120693Richard Pailthorpe and Janet HoltWhy did they call me Archibald?1993E/15Sussex
3016220694Flora ThomsponLarkrise to Candleford1973E/51Thomps
3016320695edited by Asa BriggsWilliam Morris : selected writings and designs1962E/56Morris
3016520696Ray WatkinsonWilliam Morris as designerE/51Morris
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