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2989220467KentHistoric building manual1998B/09Kent
2989720471Edward DobsonA rudimentary treatise on the manufacture of bricks and tiles containing an outline on the principles of brickmaking1877B/04.3Dobson
2990020474The American Hardwood Export CouncilGuide to American hardwoodsB/04.2Americ
2990120475SECWestern softwood species and grades1999B/04.2SEC
2990220476Alice Catherine DayGlimpses of rural life in Sussex during the last hundred years1927E/66.3Day, A
2990320477Oliver Lowenstein and Juliette BidgoodInspiring futures : European timber architecture for the 21st century2007B/05.2Lowens
2990420478R AngoldA practical guide to thatch and thatching in the 21st century2008B/05.62Angold
2990520479Michael Greenhill and Evelyn DunbarA book of farm craft1941E/17.0Greenh
2990720481Peter BrearsCowdray House kitchen : an interpretation policy for the kitchenM/03Brears
2990820482English HeritageThe production of wall painting conservation documents2002B/09Englis
2990920483English HeritageTemporary protection of wall paintings during building work2002B/09Englis
2991020484WorkWork : an Illustrated magazine of practice and theory for all workmen professional and amateur1890E/37.0Work
2991920491Kate ClarkCapturing the public value of heritage : the proceedings of the London conference 25th to 26th January, 20062006M/01Clark,
2992020492editor Sandra BriantWeald & Downland Museum : 'sentient building' project1997M/06Briant
2992120493edited by Peter SarginsonThe Edward James Foundation1992E/15Sussex
2992220494Daniel Wing and Alan ScottThe bread builders : hearth loaves and masonry ovens1999E/72.5Wing,
2992320495Kiko DenzerBuild your own earth oven : a low-cost, wood-fired mud oven; simple sourdough bread; perfect loaves2001E/72.5Denzer
2992420496Simon EvansStopping places : a gypsy history of south London and Kent2004E/66.7Evans,
2992620497Ken KilbyCoopers and coopering2004E/33.21Kilby,
2992720498James W GriswoldA guide to medieval tithe barns1999B/23.2Griswo
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