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2867819495Michael ReedThe age of exuberance 1550-17001987E/66Reed,
2867919496L F SalzmanEnglish life in the middle ages1926E/66Salzma
2868019497Barry CowardSocial change and continuity in early modern England 1550-17501988E/66Coward
2868119498Arthur YoungGeneral view of the agriculture of the County of Sussex : a reprint of the work drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Interna\\ 1970E/17.1Young,
2868319500John and Pamela McCannThe dovecotes of historical Somerset2003B/23.4McCann
2868419501Percy S GodmanOn a series of rolls of the Manor of Wiston : Part I : agriculture of the 14th centuryE/64Godman
2868719502edited by Joyce SleightYeoman farmers and gentlemen : people of Wiston, West Sussex, 1612-1732 : a study of the Wiston Probate Inventories1993E/66.7Sleigh
2868819503J B HillRedundant farm buildings in England and Wales : pilot study : a study of ninety farmsteads in England and Wales to assess the problems and opportuniti\\ 1985B/23Hill,
2868919504Nigel HarveyHistoric farm buildings study : sources of information1985B/23Harvey
2869019505R H HiltonThe decline of serfdom in medieval England1969E/66Hilton
2869119506Robert Trow-SmithA history of British livestock husbandry to 17001957E/17.30Trow-S
2869219507Robert Trow-SmithA history of British livestock husbandry from 1700-19001957E/17.30Trow-S
2869319508George Ewart EvansThe farm and the village1974E/66Evans,
2869419509Anna and Alec SwalesKirkby Stephen1985B/29Swales
2869519510J L Hammond and Barbara HammondThe skilled labourer 1760-18321995E/33.50Hammon
2869619511Joan ThirskEngland's agricultural regions and agrarian history, 1500-17501987E/66Thirsk
2869719512Warren AultOpen-field farming in medieval England : a study of bye-laws1972B/01.6Ault,
2869819513Sheridan EbbageBygones : barns and granaries in Norfolk1976B/23.2Ebbage
2869919514G E FussellFarming technique from prehistoric to modern times1966E/17.1Fussel
2870019515Susanna Wade MartinsHistoric farm buildings, including a Norfolk survey1991B/23Martin
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