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2834919221General editor: H M ColvinThe history of the Kings works. The Middle Ages : II1963E/64HMSO
2835019222E G WarlandThe technique of building1965B/05.0Warlan
2835119223H F HollisTeach yourself perspective drawing1955E/25.8Hollis
2835219224Clay pipe Development Association LimitedVitrified clay pipes and fittings : standard illustrated catalogue1990B/01.7Clay P
2835319225The Institution of Civil EngineersSafety in sewers and at sewage works : recommendations for the safety of men working in sewers, manholes, pumping stations and at sewage treatment wor\\ 1969E/32.4Sewage
2835419226compiled by C V NielsenFarm waste management general information1977E/17.30Nielse
2835619228CIBSCIBS guide B8 sanitation and waste disposal1972B/07.7CIBS
2835719229H KempA carpenter and joiner in the 1880s : reminiscences of Henry Kemp 1865-19491983E/56Kemp,
2835919230Graham Hollister-ShortCranks and scholars / History of Technology, 171995E/66.0
2836019231Bryan LathamThe medieval carpenter1952E/33.2Latham
2836119232J C PeretzBisaigue [chisel]?E/33.22Peretz
2836219233M GuyObjets usuels de creation populaire. Exhibition catalogue.1970E/72Guy, M
2836419235Michael BillettThatching and thatched buildings1998B/04.72Billet
2836519236Milton B Newton JrMelanges number 2 : Louisiana house types : a field guide1971B/22USA/Ne
2836819237Peter SmithThe architectural personality of the British Isles / Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1291980B/01.0Smith,
2836919238Peirce F LewisCommon houses, cultural spoor / Landscape, 19 (2)1975B/22USA/Le
2837019239?Appalachian log cabins / unknownB/22USA/Ap
2837119240Henry Glassie IIIOld barns of Appalachia / Mountain Life and Work : The Magazine of the Appalachian South. Fortieth Anniversary1965B/23.2Glassi
2837219241Milton B NewtonSelected pages from Atlas of Louisiana / Atlas of Louisiana : A Guide for StudentsB/22USA/Ne
2837319242Amos RapoportSome perspectives on human use and organization of spaceB/01.4Rapopo
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