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2824719140edited by F J OsbornPlanning and the countryside1942E/16.75Osborn
2824819141John L FisherHarlow New Town : a short history of the area which it will embrace1951E/16.75Fisher
2824919142HMSOGarden cities and satellite towns : report of Departmental Committee1935E/16.75HMSO
2825019143HMSOTown and Country Planning Act 1947 : explanatory memorandum Part I : general notes1947E/16.75HMSO
2825119144HMSO : Minstry of WorksBuilding in Britain today1949E/16.75HMSO
2825219145BournvilleChanging Britain : illustrating the Industrial Revolution : 1750-19 ..?E/16.75Bournv
2825319146Harold NockoldsRoads : the new way1960E/16.75Nockol
2825419147Roads FederationRoads and road transport : reconstruction of roads and development of road transport : a report by the British Road Federation1944E/16.75Roads
2825519148HMSOHousing manual 19491959E/16.75HMSO
2825619149HMSOHousing manual 19441944E/16.75HMSO
2825719150Harlow Development CorporationHouse ownership in Harlow : Upper ParkE/16.75Harlow
2825819151HMSOHouses we live in1939E/16.75HMSO
2825919152HMSONew Towns Act 1946 : reports of the Aycliffe, Basildon, Crawley, Harlow, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Peterlee,Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City Developm\\ 1950E/16.75HMSO
2826019153H C DentThe Countryman's College : Britain advances1943E/16.75Dent,
2826119154LondonA housing policy for London : a report of the London Labour Party's Housing Research Group1934E/16.75London
2826219155Alexander FarqueharsonFuture of Malvern : local problems of post-war reconstruction and developmentE/16.75Farque
2826319156John SummersonThe Iveagh Bequest : Kenwood : a short account of its history and architecture1951M/08London
2826519157Oscar G FarmerFairford church and its stained glass windows1956B/26Fairfo
2826619158Sutton CourtneyThe Abbey Sutton CourtneyB/26Sutton
2826719159edited by Walter H Godfrey and L F SalzmanSussex views selected from The Burrell Collection being the jubilee volume of the Sussex Record Society1951E/76Godfre
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