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27738Ref - 18638John D R TownsendThe Cowfold and Henfield Turnpike Trust 1771-1877. Part 1 : the old road / Sussex Industrial History, 372007E/35.1
27739Ref - 3453John H FarrantPassenger travel between Sussex and France in the 18th and 19th centuries / Sussex History, 1 : 101980E/35.6
27741Ref - 3453R B TibbleUp Marden in the middle ages / Sussex History, 1 : 101980E/65.4
27742Ref - 3475Peter BrandonPhilip Webb, the William Morris Circle, and Sussex / Sussex History, 2 : 11981E/51
27743Ref - 3475M E Castell and Cecile WoodfordPassenger travel between Sussex and France : two journies. Lord Sheffield of Sheffield Place and King Louis - Philippe of France / Sussex History, 2 : 11981E/35.4
27744Ref - 18645John AshdownBack to the battle : a fresh look at the highs and lows of a century of conservation campaigning 1930-1970 : John Betjeman's Oxford / SPAB Cornerstone, 27 : 22006B/09
27745Ref - 18645Nigel CopseyMuch more than mire / SPAB Cornerstone, 27 : 22006B/04.5
27746Ref - 18645Dinah EastopCorsets under the floorboards? / SPAB, 27 : 22006E/74
27747Ref - 18718Casework : restoration and conservation / SPAB Cornerstone, 29 : 12008B/09
27748Ref - 18718Gavin Stamp and Clare RiderWar : enemies within / SPAB Cornerstone, 29 : 12008B/10.0
27749Ref - 18596Stephen BonifaceShaky foundations / Journal of the RICS, December 19072007B/09
27750Ref - 18596Gerard LynchA bricklayer and red mason : the beauty of brick explained by a master bricklayer / Cornerstone, December 20072007B/05.3
27751Ref - 18596Don BarkerCarrying on a tradition : a master blacksmith talks about his passion for iron / The Journal of RICS Building Conservation, December 20072007E/33.3
27754Ref - 12521Deathwatch beetle : results of research, Winter : 211998/99B/04.2
27755Ref - 12521Consolidation and repair of ruined churches / Building Conservation Journal, Winter : 211998/99B/26
2775918795Hughe Cheape and Gavin SprottAngus Country Life : a companian to the Angus Folk Museum, Glamis1980M/08Cheape
2776218799Little houses of the National Trust for Scotland1974M/08
2776418801Highland Folk Park : look forward to going backM/08
2776518803Beamish North of England Open Air MuseumM/08
2776618804Beamish : a day out for the familyM/08
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