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24312033Mira Bar-HillelHanging on to our ancient history / Chartered Surveyor Weekly, 29 N81989B/09Bar-Hi
2441138P A Barker and K J BartonExcavations at Hastings Castle, 1968 / The Archaeological Journal, 1341977E/61.8Barker
2456147M W BarleyFlore's House, Oakham, Rutland / Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society, L1974-5B/22East M
2466151M W Barley and S C WallworkThe Manor House, Beeston, Nottinghamshire / The Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire1982B/22East M
2476149M W BarleyBarn at Aspley Hall, Nottingham / The Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire1968B/23.2Barley
2486148M W BarleyThe medieval Parsonage House, Coningsby, Lincolnshire / Antiquaries Journal, 49 Pt21969B/22Barley
2496150M W Barley and N SummersAverham Park Lodge and its paintings / The Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire1961B/22East M
2501139K J Barton and E W HoldenExcavations at Bramber Castle, Sussex, 1966-67 / The Archaeological Journal, 1341977E/61.8Barton
2516582Harry BatsfordTypes and materials of houses in England / The Geographical Teacher, XII N65 pt11922B/01.3Batsfo
2525019Michael Batt and Gwyn I Meirion-JonesThe distribution of Somerset roof-tiles in Brittany : a provisional assessment / Vernacular Architecture, 161985B/04.73Batt,
2536583Karl BaumgartenDas Englische und das Deutsche Hallenhaus [English and German hall houses] / Ethnologia Europaea, 13 N21983B/22Baumga
2555177Owen BedwinThe excavation of Batsford Mill, Warbleton, East Sussex, 1978 / Medieval Archaeology, 241980B/24.3Sussex
2564410J BellSlash & burn in the dry rot jungle / New Scientist, 19 Jan 19841984B/10.2Bell,
25712220Timber ConstructionSaviours of the lost art / Timber Construction, July/August1985B/05.2Timber
2584943T BestSaviours of the lost art / Timber Construction, July/Aug 19851985B/05.2Best,
2605056J H BetteyThe supply of stone for re-building St Pauls Cathederal / The Archaeological Journal, CXXVIII1972B/04.4Bettey
26112017Suzanna BinghamLondon brickwork : a bond with the past / The Valuer, October1985B/04.3Bingha
2625272Marcus Binney and Judy EnticknapAssassination of the high street / Design Magazine, May1976B/09Binney
2632225collected by H F CleereShorter notices / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1121974E/61.8Cleere
2642889J W Blackwood, C R TubbsA quantitative survey of chalk grassland in England / Biological Conservation, 3 N1 19701970E/07.1Blackw
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