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27303Ref - 18426Tedd BensonAn introduction to timber framing / Fine Homebuilding., December/January : 121982/3B/05.2
27304Ref - 18426Craig F SteadThe renovator's tool kit : a versatile collection that fits in a carpenter's toolbox. / Fine Homebuilding, December/January : 121982/3B/05.8
27305Ref - 18426Bob SyvanenRoof shingling / Fine Homebuilding, December/January : 121982/3B/05.62
27306Ref - 18427Tim SnyderFacing a block wall with stone : a good rock supply, tight joints and hidden mortar are the secrets to the solid, structural look / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 131983B/05.4
27307Ref - 18427Drew LangsnerAppalachian axman's art : some innovative techniques for log-home builders / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 131983B/05.2
27308Ref - 18428Bob SyvanenPutting down a brick floor : the mason`s craft is easier when the bricks are laid on a horizontal surface / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 141983B/05.3
27309Ref - 18428Geoff AlexanderPortable power planes : how these versatile tools can true framing lumber and clean up trim / Fine Homebuilding, April/May : 141983B/05.8
27310Ref - 18429Philip S SollmanHandcrafted in stone and wood : an architect turned craftsman builds his house of fir, cherry, mountain stone and slate / Fine Homebuilding, June/July : 151983B/05
27311Ref - 18430Tedd BensonTimber-frame layout : systems for labelling the timbers and adjusting the joinery keep the frame plumb and true despite variations in dimensions / Fine Homebuilding, August/eptember : 161983B/05.2
27312Ref - 18430Rachel CarleyDecorative Ironwork. Repairing and replacing 19th-century castings / Fine Homebuilding, August/eptember : 161983B/04.9
27313Ref - 18431Terry SteelWrought iron : hand forged gates and fences; joinery, October/November : 171983B/04.9
27315Ref - 18431Bob SyvanenDesigning and building stairs, October/November : 171983B/06.5
27316Ref - 18432Magnus BerglundA house of stone and clay, December/January : 181983/4B/05.4
27317Ref - 18432John LivelyOn the edge: overview of ginding and honing for the carpenter, December/January : 181983/4E/33.2
27319Ref - 18433Stephen SewallReplacing an oak sill / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 191984B/10
27320Ref - 18433Geoff AlexanderPower miter saws / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 191984B/05.8
27321Ref - 18433T F SmolenRaised-panel wainscot / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 191984B/07.6
27322Ref - 18433Don DunkleyFloor framing / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 191984B/06.6
27323Ref - 18433Ed McGrathSuperinsulating the non-box / Fine Homebuilding, February/March : 191984B/05.2
27324Ref - 18434John HughesRetro-fit super insulation, April/May : 201984B/10
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