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2686018147The National TrustLittle Moreton Hall, Cheshire1963?M/08Nation
2686118148The National TrustLytes Cary, Somerset1986M/08Nation
2686218149The National TrustNunnington Hall, North Yorkshire1989M/08Nation
2686518152The National TrustSheffield Park Garden, East Sussex1982M/08Nation
2686618153The National TrustScotney Castle, Kent1987M/08Nation
2686718154The National TrustTreasurer's House, York1984M/08Nation
2686818155The National TrustUpton House, Warwickshire1985M/08Nation
2686918156The National TrustWoolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire1984M/08Nation
2687018157Robin FeddenAnglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire1984M/08Nation
2687118158The National TrustCharlecote Park, Warwickshire1985M/08Nation
2687218159The National TrustDunster Castle, Somerset1985M/08Nation
2687318160The National TrustPenrhyn Castle, Gwynedd1985M/08Nation
2687418161The National TrustPolesden Lacey Surrey1985M/08Nation
2687518162The National TrustThe Vyne, Hampshire1983M/08Nation
2687618163The National TrustWimpole Home Farm1983M/08Nation
2687818165M W BarleyThe English farmhouse and cottage1961B/23.1Barley
2687918166HMSO (in alphabetical order)Sweetheart Abbey, The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright1951HMSO (
2688118168HMSO (in alphabetical order)Ancient dwellings at Skara Brae, The Orkneys1950E/62.0HMSO (
2688318170HMSO (in alphabetical order)Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk1952HMSO (
2688518172HMSO (in alphabetical order)Tretower Court, Breconshire1959HMSO (
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