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25284Ref - 15682John PhibbsThe Englishness of Lancelot "Capability" Brown / Garden History, 31 : 22003B/08.2
25285Ref - 15682Carole FrySpanning the political divide : neo-Palladianism and the early eighteenth-century landscape / Garden History, 31 : 22003B/08.2
25286Ref - 15681Winifred HarwoodThe household of Winchester College in the later middle ages 1400-1560 / Hampshire Studies, 592004E/65.4
25287Ref - 15681Edward RobertsMedieval Hambledon Manor : chambers for bishops and their stewards / Hampshire Studies, 592004E/19.2
25288Ref - 15695Ben DoddsManaging tithes in the late middle ages / The Agricultural History Review, 53 : Part II2005E/17.1
25289Ref - 15695Margaret A LyleRegionality in the late Old Poor Law: the treatment of chargeable bastards from Rural Queries / The Agricultural History Review, 53 : Part II2005E/27
25290Ref - 15695Leigh Shaw-TaylorFamily farms and capitalist farms in mid-nineteenth century England / The Agricultural History Review, 53 : Part II2005E/17.1
25291Ref - 15695Stephen MatthewsCattle clubs, insurance and plague in the mid-nineteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 53 : Part II2005E/17.32
25292Ref - 15344Mark PageThe peasant land market on the bishop of Winchester's manor or Farnham, 1263-1349 / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 902003E/19.3
25293Ref - 15344Alan CrockerAn analysis of accounts for repairs to buildings in the Royal Park of Guildford in 1514 / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 902003B/09
25294Ref - 15344Christopher K CurrieHistoric fishpond sites at Puttenham, with a provisional discussion of Surrey fishponds / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 902003B/08.7
25295Ref - 5707Antoine CapetTimbers used for the sticks of wooden planes / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.27
25296Ref - 5707Jane GeddesThe blacksmith's life, wife and work 1250-1450 / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.32
25297Ref - 5707Richard KnightTwo early English screw-stem ploughs / TATHS Journal, 11983E/17.7
25298Ref - 5707Megan MacManusJoseph Hughes : an Armagh woodturner / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.27
25299Ref - 5707Eileen MarcilThe tools of the Quebec cooper, 1684-1752 / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.21
25300Ref - 5707Philip WalkerAn English metal plane, dated 1739, in the Alan Bates Collection / TATHS Journal, 11983E/33.27
25301Ref - 5708John ClarkRichard Crips the wheeler : a medieval craftsman and his tools / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.2
25302Ref - 5708Gunther HeineAn historically important woodwork joint : the method of making it in Germany, and some specialised tools / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.27
25303Ref - 5708Gerald GardinerAn English dovetail plane / TATHS Journal, 21984E/33.27
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