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25252Ref - 15730James M GaynorThe Mark Rees Memorial Lecture 2004 ; Seventeenth- and eighteenth - century woodworking tools : the evolution of a British style / Tools & Trades, 142005B/05.8
25253Ref - 15726Edwin A R TroutConcrete Publications Ltd and its legacy to the concrete industry / Construction History, 192003B/04.6
25254Ref - 15726Mark SwenartonRammed earth revival : technological innovation and government policy in Britain, 1905-1925 / Construction History, 192003B/04.5
25255Ref - 15723Vera Bolter and Douglas NapierHolburn Mill, Holburn, Northumberland, NU 039 357 / Northumbrian Building Studies, 31999B/24.3
25256Ref - 15721Richard WoodhouseDomestic Buildings Research Group : Chaldon Court
early medieval house / Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, December : 389
25257Ref - 15720Alan CrockerWilliam Cobbett and his corn-husk paper / Surrey History, VII : 12004E/33.54
25258Ref - 15720Dennis TurnerLocal history in breadth and depth / Surrey History, VII : 12004E/63
25259Ref - 15720Alan ThomasThe Horton Hospital Epsom : asylum to housing estate / Surrey History, VII : 12004B/25.3
25260Ref - 15706Warren HewertsonAnother turn of the wood screw / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 902005E/33.27
25261Ref - 15706Ron MossNailing in the West Midlands / TATHS Newsletter, Autumn : 902005E/33.34
25262Ref - 15705Brian ReadIron, steel and their variations and alloys / TATHS Newsletter, Summer : 892005E/36.1
25263Ref - 15689Deborah Slaton and Kyle C NormandinMasonry cleaning technologies : overview of current practice and techniques / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 32005B/10.0
25264Ref - 15689Martin Stancliffe, Inge De Witte and Eddy De WitteSt. Paul's Cathedral : poultice cleaning of the interior / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 32005B/10
25265Ref - 15689Martin CooperLaser cleaning of sculpture, monuments and architectural detail / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 32005B/10
25266Ref - 15689Joseph Sembrat, Patty Miller, Jee Skavdahl and Lydia FrenzelConservation of historic metals by waterjetting techniques / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 32005B/10
25267Ref - 15678Elizabeth HoweA medieval timber building at London Road, Wallington, Sutton / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 912004B/22
25268Ref - 15678Lorraine DartonInsights into the development of medieval and post-medieval riverside buildings at Mortlake / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 912004B/22
25272Ref - 15696Chris MieleConservation plans and the development process / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 22005B/09
25273Ref - 15696Bridget LitchfieldThe Holnicote thatching project / Journal of Architectural Conservation, 11 : 22005B/04.72
25275Ref - 15694Jo Draper"Never-to-be-forgotten acts of oppression2005E/66
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